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VGSI PILE offers one-stop solutions for Spun Piles by having its own technical division to fully support as many requirements from customers as possible. We offer precon service to customize and check drawings, and measure the possibility of any problems occurring at sites. Moreover, VGSI PILE possesses its own port, which best facilitates the import of materials and export of commodities.

VGSI PILE DRIVER is a new management system aimed to upgrade the quality and reliability of pressing pile work.

VGSI PILE PLATFORM is a 3D solution for pile design developed by GS E&C engineers.


VGSI PILE owns an official Inland Waterway Port whose capacity is 3000 DWT. This enables VGSI PILE to transport piles as well as to manufacture materials to more easily meet any urgent orders.
Besides, VGSI PILE Port is deemed as one of the biggest inland waterway ports possessed by a PHC piles manufacturer; and Cai Mep Deep-water Port is located nearby.

ISO 9001: 2015 | TCVN 7888: 2014 | JIS: 5373: 2010

– PHC PILES D300: 60 ea/day
– PHC PILES D350: 30ea/day
– PHC PILES D400: 60 ea/day
– PHC PILES D500: 20 ea/day
– PHC PILES D600: 20 ea/day
– Max Factory Capacity: 1,000,000 m/ year

VGSI PILE offers not only standard, but also customized products. It would take 7 days to manufacture customized piles.

D300: 6m – 12m
D350: 6m – 12m
D400: 6m – 15m
D500: 6m – 15m
D600: 6m – 15m

Pursuant to TCVN, it takes 7 days after manufacturing for natural curing; after that period piles become ready for delivery.

VGSI PILE has a procedure to remove sludge during the manufacturing process. In case a small amount of sludge remains, it is fully removed before delivery.

Absolutely. However, VGSI PILE highly recommends customers use our LAS-XD 715, which is officially certified. If choosing to use a third party, customers are held responsible for the associated cost of testing.


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