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The Fire Fighting Team of the Branch of Factory for Manufacturing Aluminum Form of Viet Nam GS Industry One – Member Limited Liability Company participated in a professional sports festival for fire prevention and fighting.


 This festival was organized in accordance with Plan No. 2216/KH-BCĐ of the Steering Committee of Nhon Trach District People’s Committee on Fire Prevention and Rescue and Announcement No. 2229/TB-CAH of Nhon Trach District Fire Police.

The purpose of this festival was to enhance the awareness, professional qualifications, and rescue techniques of the fire prevention and rescue force at the facility. It provided companies with an opportunity to meet, learn, exchange experiences, and improve their rescue capacity and skills. Additionally, it aimed to create a vibrant competitive atmosphere for learning and practicing rescue among companies in the Nhon Trach area.

The sports festival took place on September 15, 2023, with the participation of 300 fire prevention teams from companies in Nhon Trach District, comprising approximately 2,400 people. The Fire Fighting Team of the Branch of Factory for Manufacturing Aluminum Form sent 8 members to compete with other teams. With their spirit of solidarity and determination, the Al-Form’s fire protection team successfully completed the competition amid enthusiastic cheers from the audience.


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