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Zeit Elevator



[Xi-Elcar]Due to the nature of the Korean residential environment where many people live in apartments, elevator is an essential space that is used dozens of times a day. The elevator is evolving to provide better experience for users while still serving its main purpose.Xi-Elcar, the elevator in GS E&C’s premium apartment brand ‘Xi’, aims to provide experiences beyond the simple means of transportation. Xi-Elcar provides aesthetic design experience and clean & safe space experience to users.[Design]In the special spatial circumstance of residential elevators, Xi-Elcar’s design combines elements to satisfy user convenience appropriately, creating an ergonomic, and economical space. – Ergonomic : Sufficient illumination is ensured though it uses indirect lighting and the light source is not exposed, and also using linear design strategy, we visually overcome the physical limitations of a narrow space.- Economical : Residential elevators are frequently used not only for people’s movement but also for moving large and heavy objects, which often damage elevator’s interior. The interior is finished with light materials, and each component is separated, making it easy to repair and replace individually, making it more economical.[Technology]Xi-Elcar provides users with a sense of psychological stability to feel elevator as a clean and safe place by applying essential technical elements of the elevator for its design.- Ceiling Integrated Air purifying system : System sensors measure fine dust in a real time, operating the system according to each situation.- Emergency Safety Switch : An emergency safety button is installed at the end of the handrail allowing immediate response to possible criminal situations.- Exchangeable Antibacterial Handrail : Antibacterial particles are also distributed inside, maintaining antibacterial activity even if it is scratched or stamped, and it is easy to replace in case of damage.


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